Tom Stuart-Smith Revitalises the Green

Tom Stuart-Smith Ltd (“TSS”) is a landscape design practice with an international reputation for making gardens that combine naturalism and modernity. The practice has been awarded eight Chelsea gold medals and three ‘Best in Show’.

In 2022 FOTG invited TSS to review the Green with a brief to enhance beauty and biodiversity. As a result, TSS developed a strategic plan for phased improvement the west side of the Green. The plan comprises four phases which include revitalise the exiting wild flower meadow, plant an abundance of bulbs to provide Spring colour, to expand the area of meadow and to plant shrubs along the Sutton Lane North to shield the Green more from the road traffic.

Work has been undertaken on the meadow to sow yellow rattle seed to reduce the invasive grasses and also to sow more wild flower seeds.

8,000 bulbs planted in November 2022. These are varieties that will naturalise to will spread and come back every year.