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Turnham Green

Turnham Green
by Friends of Turnham Green

Turnham Green, Chiswick, West London

Wildflower Meadow and Natural Play Area

After holding extensive local consultations, Friends of Turnham Green, together with Groundworks and Hounslow council, took down derelict buildings on the northeast corner and established a natural play area and wildflower meadow that has become a great magnet for children and office workers alike.

Herb Bed

Friends of Turnham Green worked with Abundance London to transform the concrete raised bed into a herb garden that is now maintained by volunteers.

War memorial

After extensive lobbying Hounslow council cut back the yew that had all but enveloped the war memorial and Cultivate London have now replaced the pollen free annuals with a lovely bio diverse natural planting scheme.


Designed by the Friends in partnership with Hounslow Council and Groundworks, the rockery has proved a popular meeting point and recreational hub for adults and children alike.

Town Hall Flower Bed

Friends of Turnham Green worked with Abundance London to get the plastic flower bed installed by Hounslow council removed before transforming it into a living flower bed that is now maintained by local volunteers.